The failed traitors have formed what they’re calling a “Syrian National Transition Council”, named after the so-called NTC in Libya. If it wasn’t so in your face, I would take them somewhat seriously. These cavemen, you see, cannot even control their anger at each other while the cameras are rolling:

Democracy ('Muslim' brotherhood) representatives, hand-picked by the west for Syria

Really now, can anyone take these cavemen seriously? Anyway, these traitors want to call for a war on Syria, but they’re unaware of the full details that stop the west from doing just that. I will not get into that right now, it is somewhat of a matter of national security. In order to pretend they have some information about Syria’s air defenses they published a map, as relayed by the Foreign policy journal:

The also published 4 other “zoomed in detailed maps”, and then stood to the side and said: “rejects any outside interference that undermines the sovereignty of the Syrian people” … BUT they need a “no fly zone” just like in Libya. As if the world will fall for that one a third time (in Iraq and then Libya) pretending it’s not a foreign intervention.

I tell these cavemen, first off, you don’t know anything about Syria’s air defenses. Your information is almost 30 years old, the last time the system was activated against israel + the west. I will also tell you, as you sit comfortably in Turkey, that your air defense situation isn’t so crash hot:

Turkey's pathetic air defense system.

Ooooh we could wipe Turkey off the map within 15 minutes with a defense system this bad. It seems to be EWS-heavy, but the air defense components are all directed at Greece … they’ve completely neglected a possible strike by Syria or/and Iran. For example, we can create a no-fly zone over the terrorist Control-and-Command center that calls itself the SNTC. Oh dear, those fist fights you’re having amongst each other don’t seem very important anymore do they? That next shake you feel could be the prelude to your death, rather than the lobotomised traitor next to you shaking in fear from what will happen to them when the US abandons them soon.

And that fancy radar NATO is installing for you? It’s the first thing that will be turned into shredded and scorched sheet metal.

Now, enough fun for a moment, how did I produce this map? And why is it in such a similar style to these bastard’s map? Well, I used the same source! This map was collected by what I would call an “amateur”, you can visit their website here. They describe themselves as “Open source military analysis”. Basically this information, outside of the west where it is reliable (i.e. Turkey’s map) is publicly available and thus can be considered worthless.

I should also mention that I had to invert the colours to get the same stupid effect these cavemen managed to create in paintbrush. They thought this would hide the source of the information from us. These people are truly pathetic and ugly.


If you’re wondering why I would choose such an obvious title, well, things have become really difficult to understand for some people. A lot of people thought that Turkey became a friend of Syria and an enemy of Israel. In fact, it seems their alignment has never changed. Also, Syrians assumed that Qatar was a friend of Syria … but soon got the wake up call when Al Khanzeera started broadcasting 24 hours of lies. Just today, Al Khanzeera showed its utter carelessness with the weather in the fabricated and old videos being sunny, whereas it was cloudy — and even raining — in some areas of Syria.

With Al Khanzeera (aka Al Jazeera) though, some people might still think its their friend. Many people, actually. There’s one nation though that immediately jumps out at people as an enemy of Syria and that country is israel. There’s no way you can say this nation is a friend of Syrian people when it occupies our territory and threatens us with war, hurts our interests consistently and butchers our Palestinian and Lebanese brothers. Some people try to paint it as a friend of the people, but they are never really taken seriously.

Now that the extreme basics have been discussed, I present to you a disgusting “Syrian opposition” website in German:

Freies Syrien (Free Syria/Syrians) (http://freies-syrien.de/wp/)

Let us examine the presentation of this website briefly, it’s an “opposition” website so it is surely filled with psychological triggers, for example an image of a shouting and angry person, to ensure the viewers feel some kind of urgency. This allows them to lose their senses a bit and more readily accept lies that would be the cause of this rage. Bingo, right in the top left hand corner:

I mean really? Why is she so angry right? There has to be a reason. Of course, it turns out there is! Let us look at the other corner of the page:

Ah, I understand, she is angered that her child was shot by the “shabi7ah”. Those darn non-existent “shabi7ah”, always ruining a mother’s day.

Actually, this image was used by many anti-Syrian “activists”, newspapers and so on. The image itself is from Iraq, September 2007:


This essay was posted in December 2007, caption for relevant image reads:

Iraqi mother weeps for her son who was killed by a sniper, September 2007.

There are plenty of other sources as well. We exposed this long ago, but these people NEVER correct their lies. You know who else behaves like this? Zionists. Indeed arguing with many of these supposed “activists” felt like arguing with israeli zionists. In fact, I confirmed quite a few of them were israelis, all you have to do is mention things that show how pathetic the zionist entity is and they can’t help but become defensive. They’re simplistic snakes, but disguise themselves well enough for most of the masses to be fooled, especially those not familiar with Syrian history or Syrians in general. When the first contact they make is with a fake Syrian, they are confused as to the real identity and behaviour of a Syrian.

Now, it’s a common knee-jerk reaction in the middle east to blame israel for every problem, with good reason (because it usually IS israel). But I’m one of those people who believe evidence must be presented to prove such an assertion. For example … a simple WHOIS from the German registry:
Name: Digital Gateway Networks A.S.
Adresse: 32 Jerusalem Blvd.
PLZ: 68112
Ort: Tel Aviv-Jaffa
Land: IL
Telefon: +972 37630640
Telefax: +972 37618330
E-Mail: sales@mediaon.org
BZZZZZT, do not pass go, do NOT collect $200.  This website is administered, registered to israelis on the behalf of this German registry. They are that stupid, or sloppy, that they forgot to use an anonymous registration. My enemy israel, is not my friend. These are fake Syrians and this is a psychological operation against our people. It is just the very tip of the ice berg of the conspiracy against Syria. I hope you all start paying more attention.
P.S. Special thanks to Mazen the 17th for making this fast discovery. 🙂

I have answered a call by the Voice of America for “pro Assad view”, which was completely flooded by the Muslim Brotherhood trying to rewrite the history of their bloody insurrection in the 80s and their current bloody terrorism. I sidestepped them and directly hit at the critical issue: the voice of America will never give me a voice.

First off, I don’t think its balanced to ask for a “pro Assad view” and not ask for anything in between. Syrians are not simple people, some people will be for Assad but against the government, some people may be against Assad but for stability and so on.

Either way, I will answer as someone who opposes religious extremists (Muslim Brotherhood, who has blood on its hands that Syrians will never forgive, Salafists and so on, I don’t want to get too deeply into it) and fake democracy activists, cashed up by the west. The latter act as cover for the former, so that they can destabilise the country.

I’m neither for or against Democracy, having lived in one, I feel disillusioned that my voice will be heard. That said, I’m against corruption and whatever brings more accountability to the Syrian government is welcomed by me. I feel the reforms under way, if executed correctly, will be good for Syria — I am complete for reform. We definitely need and deserve it. I also believe Bashar is being genuine, he has upheld his word so far.

Have the “protesters” upheld theirs? No, they never acknowledged a single step forward by the government they demanded. The calls have escalated without a single concrete demand, other than calling for war on their own country and for the government to step down (to whom? this they never answer). There was an initial call for reforms, which quickly vanished once foreign snipers gave the fake protesters a causus belli. We saw this formula in so many countries which suffered “coloured revolutions” driven by the usual suspects.

We, the real Syrian people, do have many demands. None of them involve the destruction of Syria or the violent (or “peaceful”/”coloured”) removal of this government. Speak of it  what you will, but it is our best chance for reform. The sanctions on the Syrian economy, prove the west does not care at all for our people. How can I send my sick aunt money? None of your financial entities will allow it. How can we take your empty words seriously?

In brief conclusion, though I haven’t expanded on my own views, I really have no illusions about what is happening here. You want someone to demonise as “pro Assad loyalist” in the same fashion we saw in all the countries your nations have destabilised. I will not play this game. Take my views for what they are… the views of just another Syrian.

I was then politely asked how I would reconciled my views with those of the terrorist supporters who call themselves the “revolution”. It’s not difficult to answer this question.

It’s hard to speak over all the above people’s empty rhetoric, youtube videos and other garbage we have become accustomed to from this failed “revolution”.  But for you good sir, I shall answer the good question you have provided, as you have conducted yourself many miles above these electronic thugs.

Your question “What is the best way to come to a reasonable compromise?”, can be answered simply: they have nothing to say. Their view is simple: the government must fall. It will not fall, no matter how much terrorism the west funds.

So right away, we can eliminate the majority of these online activists and the paid street protesters from the conversation. The only people worth paying attention to then, are the initial and genuine protesters, not represented by these thugs at all.

They have demands, indeed, not many people agree on how Syria should go. On the economic front, many are advocating a return isolationism and some are advocating an expansion of trade with China. This is just a taste of the political life that has been rejuvenated into Syria while these slobs moan all day.

The answer is simple, if you have popular support and can abide by the multiparty law (i.e. no religious or sectarian party allowed), form a party that stands for your opinions. Nothing can be said for exiles and their families. These people are no doubt either traitors or Muslim brotherhood terrorist families, they will never return to Syria after the attempt to throw NATO on her.

You asked about a fair constitution. This is an absolute requirement. Free access to media by all parties is already promised, and required, but we need to see this in action once new parties are on the scene. There is a coalition between the SSNP/Communist party now, that means they are breaking off from the progressive front. The mechanisms for assignment of the president need to be discussed.

A lot of the constitution needs to be revised and modernised. Syria must go forwards, not backwards. The blood of our martyrs in the army and the innocent victims of terror must not go to waste. The reform process must be accelerated as soon as stability is re-achieved, which will be very soon by the look of it.

One should note that my responses were sandwich inbetween the usual fabricated youtube videos and empty chants along with denial of connection to the MB or other exiled criminals. There’s absolutely nothing they can say to contradict my accurate assessment of them.

I made another comment, a very brief one, on a stupid Times of India article which quoted the terrorist groups as if they had some authority:

First off, these self-declared “rights groups”/LCCs are well connected to the terrorists committing crimes all over Syria.

Secondly, the hundreds (more than 600) soldier’s deaths in this conflict are ADDED to the total toll, setting a precedent that terrorists can kill soldiers to gain sympathy from your media organisation!

Do not allow these Islamist terrorists (who falsely use religion to further their agenda) to have free reign over your media. Otherwise, India will be their next target.

Original article and comment

It’s not even worth commenting about this but for the sake of completence, I addressed the garbage article by “The Daily Beast”

Oh dear oh dear, where do I start? “When in glass houses, you shouldn’t throw stones” comes to mind. The real thuggish behaviour is displayed by the media itself, who has been one-sided from the first day of these staged protests.

This article makes it out as if the other side (the “revolutionists”, as they call themselves) are not spamming and acting like real thugs. They’re the ones that spam polls along with their zionist fans (the majority of the likes on the “revolution” page are not from Syrians).

You haven’t asked anyone for an interview, unlike what you claim in this article. I know this for a fact because none of us have even heard of you until you wrote this hit-piece. You aren’t even TRYING to be objective, you just want to tarnish the name of anyone who disagrees with this carefully executed plot against Syria. You have a prejudice and you’ve seen it through to the end and even neutral observers can see this from what I read in the comments.

I can give you evidence that the “revolution” people are completely spamming twitter. They managed to make #Help4Syria trend, until we started pointing out that the population in Syria who uses twitter would never be able to make anything trend, when they backed off.

Never mind the social media program by the pentagon (SMISC) which does EXACTLY the behaviour that you somehow condemn in this article:


They act like its something new, but most of the “tweets” in coloured-revolutions supported by the US are not posted in target countries. Remember the revolution in Kyrgyzstan? In 2005 it was given a “colour” (Tulip)

It’s fine for the antis to have a page on facebook, which we’ve shutdown multiple time for racist/sectarian/disgusting contentst, but if the pros leave what is on their mind now they’re thugs and facebook has to delete their page. When they use automatic voting systems to ballot stuff/vote multiple times, it’s democracy. When we voice our opinions and vote once, it’s thuggery?

You failed to mention that facebook has deleted our page more than 80 times now. 80 times. And every time they’ve deleted it, tens of thousands of genuine Syrians have signed up.

Let’s cut to the chase: you never made a good attempt to contact any of us, or understand our point of view. You’ve embedded your own prejiduces into this article of yours. I would have spoken to you, if you had asked, but I see that my breath would be wasted. You will somehow contort every single sentence I utter. This is the case with western journalism, furthering the cause of Anglo-American neocolonialism either purposely or unwittingly.

Original article and comment

I did mess up on my point about Kyrgyzstan. You will note the “Tulip” revolution was given wide media coverage and praise.  The counter-revolution against it, which was not pulled off by the CIA, had absolutely ZERO presence in social media. It had hardly any coverage in the mass media either. This means the media will only cover things in their favour and in a favourable way.

The author of the article (Roula Hajjar) tried to do as much as they can to capitalise on the death of a respected figure in Allepo. I couldn’t let it stand and I gave them my word. You cannot hide behind journalism when you try and desecrate someone’s funeral. This may be acceptable behaviour in Lebanon as part of the Hariri gang but in Syria we still have our value system. Even if a man dies whom you may disagree with, or a mass murderer who is hated, you must respect the dead. Disrespecting the dead includes making up lies about their funeral to further your own political agenda.
I just can’t believe how disrespectful this author is. This really takes disrespect of the Syrian people to an all time low.The implications that he was murdered through a staged heart attack is disgusting. The so-called LCC is completely bankrupt in terms of credibility. There was an incident in Deir Ez Zour where they claimed the new governor had died and that his building was torched an hour before an attempt was made on the building. An attempt, mind you, that failed, meaning that this LCC group is extremely well connected to the terrorists who have carried it out.So, basically, the entire article relies on two entities: some reporter from Beirut, hundreds of kilometers from Allepo and a quasi-terrorist organisation (LCC). Great start, it’s like reading a paper from the Taliban itself.Next, we have the utter callousness of turning this respected man’s funeral into a protester circus. No one, LITERALLY, no one in Allepo supports this insurrection. It’s well known even amongst hardened traitors like the misnamed “Syrian Pride” [Edit: a commentator on the site who tried to reaffirm the content of the article] commenting here. If anyone were to come up and start a protest in front of this elder’s funeral, his families would surely attack these rioters. So right away we know that if someone attacked these alleged protesters (alleged because we have no way to confirm they exist), it would definitely not be “plain clothed police”, but plain clothed family members of the Mufti attending his funeral.Have some respect. You’ve taken things too far, this is absolutely disgusting. Allah Yer7amoh, may his soul rest in peace.
De mortuis nihil nisi bonum.
It’s about time journalists learn what these words mean. Have some decency.
Original article and comment: Link

Jess Hill’s goons are still at it. I invited the self-declared “Mossad agent” (ha!) to comment on my previous blog post. He had this eloquent post in response:

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Very classy hashtag there “Jewgro”. We can only extrapolate how well he treats his pet snake, the animal of choice for criminally minded “Mossad agent” wannabies like this retard.

Keep them coming, Jess Hill gang, I’m here all day.