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As we discussed in the previous part, the main problem the zionist media apparatus faces with its all-out assault on Syria is diminishing returns with each kind of lie it manufactures. So, it always has to manufacture new lies, to up the ante.

They’ve done “killing peaceful protesters” literally to death and have blunted this tool for future “coloured revolutions”, no one is going to buy it anymore and they will remember Syria and Libya as examples where the media’s “peaceful protesters” are really nothing more than fuel for a fire.

They briefly tried to impose sympathy on people for their mercenary army that sometimes calls itself the “Free Syrian Army” in a bid to undermine the one and only Syrian Arab Army, but this kind of strategy only worked on the dumbest of people. Most in politics remember all these “free range armies”, in Nicaragua, in Lebanon, in all places America wanted to destablise and move into.

They tried massacres each time before a UNSC session was called in but good help proved hard to find and the sloppy nature of their terrorists revealed the fact that they were nothing more than mail order massacres. They were planning on using chemical weapons to blame the Syrian government in shades of the Kurdish massacre in Iraq by one of the warring parties in the Iran-Iraq war (likely Iran according to US intelligence). That plan was busted thanks to social media to the degree that even the Russian FM had to issue underhanded warnings not to carry it out — as it would definitely result in retaliation by Syria for using such weapons on our territory for media gain.

The brutality and illegitimacy of the free range terrorist army was clear for all, so the media had to continue to undermine the national army in other ways: by bringing children to the fore-front of the battle.

This is where the Hula massacre came in, a crime so horrific that I do not wish to recall all the details in order to spare my spirit some comfort. So soul shaking that the terrorists would slaughter small children for Al Jazeera that it blinded many people for hours on the news — it was blamed on government artillery. This was easy for many to swallow and the story was repeated by all, including foreign ministers of enemy nations. They recalled all of their Syrian ambassadors and ejected the Syrian ambassadors on their territory. They pretty much they thought they nailed this one, the Houla massacre was going to be their war cry in destroying Syria.

But there was one problem … many children had their hands bounded and all most all of them were executed with knives and close range weapons. There was absolutely no signature of an artillery attack on any of the children shown, which would result in a lot of dust appearing over their bodies as well as decapitations and other horrible features. The ruse was finally over when FAZ, the leading German newspaper, busted the story with a brilliant piece demonstrating that real journalism is still alive, if hard to find.

They had so much invested in this story that the damage was going to be sustained for the rest of their campaign. They ejected ambassadors over the story, it is a stunt that can only be pulled off once. The black propaganda had to move on, the ante had to be raise, but though they are cunning,  their viperous nature disconnects them from basic human nature. No one would place their own child in the front lines and certainly not for a vague political cause advertised on Al Jazeera. Most people would protect their children with their lives, something the media vipers probably wouldn’t understand.

That is why when the daily mail tried to garner sympathy for them they failed HARD as you can tell by some of the comments in the following article:

“What is a ten year old doing with a klashnikov rifle? You play with fire you,,,,,,instead of of backing the rebels and encouraging them to fight why doesn’t anyone listen to the government and wait for the democratic process,get the elections started?”

“Freedom fighters my hairy backside, that’s not what we called the Irish when they were running around with AK’s and car bombs a few years ago.”

“Are you for real??? Seriously ..Are you for real??? All you cared about is this boy crying because his ” friend ” got killed in a battle… Shouldn’t you be asking yourselves what a 10 or even 15 yrs old boy doing holding an AK47 in the first place??? Aren’t those so called rebels asking for more media coverage and subsequently global sympathy when taking kids to demonstrations and giving them real weapons with real bullets to ” play with” and then cry their eyes out if one of those kids is subjected to a horrowing situation like whatching someone dying next to them!!!! I dont think you gonna get much sympathy for the Syrian rebels from your readers by publishing this piece, in fact, day by day we are turning against them for braiwashing children into gettin involved with real weapons playing cops and robbers!!!!!”

“So, rebels brainwash a kid to shoot at army and when army shoots back they actually trying to use it to get support. Shameless. Afetr attempt to get western journalist killed its hard to believe anything “rebels” say. They are talking about civilian victims, but when civilian joins military force organized, equipped and funded from other country, takes assault gun and attacks local army is he still a civilian?”

“If the boy is upset by death why in the name of God is he carrying and possibly using an AK47 does his indoctrination not warn him that when bullets meet flesh they usually damage it? This constant anti Assad propaganda is so much like the stuff we got on Iraq and LIbya, does anyone really believe it all?”

“After the mistakes in Iran, Kosovo, Bosnia, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq I feel inclined to side with Assad. Better the devil you know.”

“Well my view of the ‘rebels’ has taken a nose dive. Why are they recruiting children to fight on the front line? There is something not quite right with what we are being told about happening in Syria…..perhaps it’s not so black & white!”

“If Assad goes you idiot “liberals” will see yet another islamic fascist state, forget freedom.”

“So the rebels recruit child soldiers? These are the people who some feel should replace the current elected govt, any govt that supports these rebels is criminal.”

“It’s worrying that the media are making these “rebels” out to be the innocents all the time. If you read RT you will see what these “people” have been doing to the Christian population including the churches!”

And these are from the “newest” and “top rated” comment pile, I haven’t checked the rest! The media at this point, stopped using this as it received far too much flak. The terrorists continued to kill, take hostage, abuse and use children for organ harvesting, but away from the media light. They had exhausted the sympathy of people towards them. Think of the children just wouldn’t work.

That’s when, as cued by my previous report, they resorted to accusations of rape by the terrorists towards the army:

Garbage “Daily beast” Article accusing Syrian army of “systematic rape”

Atlantic zionist establishment article with vile lies about “charting use of rape as terror” by Syria.

Needless to say, they were unable to substantiate their claims. No doubt they have hired prostitutes to make pornographic movies in order to propagate such claims, but it was no good: if they weren’t believed, the viewers would turn against their precious “rebels” and side again with the army. At this point as well, videos of the Tlas family amongst other traitors started to be leaked by an unknown party. This showed Abdul Razak Tlas, the leader of the “Farouq brigade”, masturbating on Skype and his ‘girlfriend’ holding up rings he stole for her from Rastan, then removing her clothes. Another video that was released 2 weeks ago showed Firas Tlas, main Syrian financier of terrorism and a former member of the corrupt oligarchy, in a disgusting two-woman orgy. Manaf “the toy general” Tlas, is said to have made his very own pornographic movie to be published soon as well.  I apologise for the descriptions, but this is the true nature of the terrorists and their supporters. On the other hand, the pure Syrian army, would never commit such acts, as it is a hierarchical organisation made up of all of Syrian society. Rape against a single woman in Syria, by the army, is rape against all of the army’s women. Many journalists surmised it as much and so, the rape claimed subsided.

“Aboudy” as his girlfriend kept calling him, is none other than Abdul Razak Tlas, whose skype cyber sex video was so disgusting, he had to flee his own terrorist organisation to Turkey.

At this point the black propaganda is failing and you can tell by their latest crap. Since no one was going to believe that the Syrian army would use chemical weapons on its soil and the risk of faking it through their terrorists being too high (finally giving Syria the impetus to flush them out using chemical weapons in retaliation, or worse, launching a regional war), the time came to take photographs and videos in front of unused air defense bases. These included the ancient S-75 missile bases near an important site in Aleppo to indicate that the terrorists had it surrounded. Of course, they cannot hold such areas and simply destroy whatever they can before leaving, as instructed by their “advanced communication equipment” (i.e. western intelligence on the other line). The aim is always to rot the Syrian state away, so that even if the war is over, the damage is too high to recover Syria to what it was. While this sapped Syrian’s morale a lot, the western audience were not really phased much: How is an air defense site attacking the terrorists in the first place? The corrupt journalists never seem to bother asking that question.

In their final pathetic attempts, they’ve been making up stories about “barrel bombs”, essentially captured IEDs that the army sometimes gets rid of by dropping into empty fields near terrorist infested sites. The morons tried to pass it off as a cheap bomb the government was creating to use randomly on civilian areas. Inverting the truth as always, as its a cheap bomb the terrorists use to kill and maim bystanders. Russian psyop specialist Evgeny Khrushchev, called them out explicitly on this failing media tactic:

“Welcome to the latest spin of the Al-Qaeda psychological operation against the Syrian government, backed by their Western advisers – the nefarious ‘barrel bombs’ bogey!

To borrow from the US VP debate with a Republican contender, it’s total ‘malarkey’, conjured up by the black propaganda experts steeped in the USIA’s (United States Information Agency) heritage of information warfare against the ‘Empire of Evil’ by  ‘a shining city on a hill’.

First, they tried to exploit the threat of chemical weapons – it didn’t work and it didn’t look persuasively gory on TV screens. Then the scaremongers evoked more TV-friendly cluster munitions with helpful Cyrillic letters alluding to their Soviet/Russian origin. This preposterous canard didn’t fly either.

Naturally, when Syrian Armed Forces defuse terrorists’ IEDs, there’s a possibility they might drop the barrels – with or without explosives – back on their perpetrators. Civilians call it returning a favor; the military tags it ‘returning fire’.

The hidden agenda of this propaganda coup is pretty obvious: having failed to win the ‘hearts & minds’ of the population, the terrorists and jihadists for hire have resorted to a disinformation campaign to discredit the authorities and cover up their atrocities against peaceful civilians in Syria.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Colonel Evgeny Khrushchev!

Where does that leave the western propaganda? No where. Their screams about cluster bombs fell on deaf ears. Syria is not a signatory to the cluster bomb convention and there is no real evidence of Syria using cluster bombs (or even having purchased them from Russia) anywhere. Indeed, they are far too persistent to be used on one’s own soil, essentially forming a field of unexploded ordnance that will continue to kill for decades to come.

The “revolution” has failed because the black propaganda against the Syrian state has failed. Most of the terrorist supporters are getting a dull feeling right now, that they are on the wrong side. Perhaps all the lies they swallowed had no basis — in fact, as I have shown on this blog (see “My enemy is not my friend”) originating from our arch-nemesis, israel. They surely have Syrian’s best interest in mind.

The west has lost the media war, what of the war on Syria though? This is a different matter, to be covered soon in an important article I intended to post in March, but felt was too soon due to the darkness of its contents.


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