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“Hello dear
First; let me introduce myself
My name is Maya and I am a guy 😉 and you have three seconds to get surprised and let’s move on 🙂 …”

So arrives the his words into your mailbox. You see, Maya is commonly a girl’s name but Maya was a man. He was a loving man, a wise man, the ideal man … a hero. And so young. Maya put everything on the line known full well the consequences ahead. For those who don’t know, Maya Naser wasn’t just another reporter. Maya Naser was the very personification of Syria and all it stood for.

Much like the sniper, who sat from a distance and pulled the trigger that took Maya’s life away, certain so-called “journalists” wish to take the spirit of his work away by painting him as just another “regime mouthpiece”, ignoring the fact that they themselves are the biggest mouthpiece for international criminals who find themselves running the majority of governments  and their media by extension.

As for all of the wretched scum that have come to the surface to find some victory in Maya’s assassination, trying to spread sectarianism and their venomeous hatred, I will only say a few things about Maya for now. Maya was agnostic but his parents were both Christian and Muslim… just like Syria. His father gave his sons uncommon male names (usually female) in order to make a statement about gender equality. Maya was against violence and against oligarchy and tyranny. Maya would not hurt a fly but he was a patriot above all.

Maya’s story hasn’t been written yet, but the world will soon discover the hero that the enemies of humanity did not wish to reach his peak, for a clean honest and intelligence man is extremely dangerous in a wretched world. I have much much more to say, but I feel so saddened by the loss of my friend that only a short dedication can do for now.

I will miss you Maya… and I shall never forget . Your work will not remain unfinished, nor the example you left for us all. They may have killed you but they will not stop you and I will take on your wish for Syria until my last breath.


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