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Some people were shocked/surprised when I said this on twitter. This isn’t written as a reaction to them, but to get something off my plate in this dark hour. It has to be said and many Syrians are too polite and afraid to speak the truth. You should know by now that politeness and fear isn’t enough to stop this small voice from speaking out. It isn’t that hard to understand when you work through things logically making a few concessions of ideology. Many of my friends will disagree with me, but after reading this they will realise our disagreement is purely semantic.

To start off the root ideology behind my opinion may not be popular amongst people, but it’s definitely taking off in Syria: our identification as Syrians rather than Arabs. You can read about the martyr Antoun Saadeh’s work and his part the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party for people with similar opinion and great justification. I’m not a member myself, but some of my family were founding members. Not long ago, you could have called me a communist! I’m a bit beyond politics now however, my focus began to shift towards geopolitics and strategy long ago and now I’m completely dedicated to that, so just take this as me pointing towards those with a similar elements to my ideology. Mine is not based on race so much, but on culture, history, trustworthiness and geographic location. You will note that the government of Syria is ruled by a party that is opposed to this ideology as they are pan-Arabists rather than “pan-Syrianists” (and I include some of our Jordanian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian brothers as Syrians). Throughout this document, I include almost all Arabs of course, based on their votes in the Arab league, not just the main conspirators. I apologise if you find this offensive, but perhaps you should have done something to stop your representatives from voting against us.

Instead of jumping straight to the simple reason why I made this logically valid statement, I will guide you through the history of the current crisis in Syria to demonstrate it as the only logical conclusion.

Turkey, the Gulf, Jordan, israel, America and much of Europe has been running a conspiracy against Syria for almost 10 months. These slimy states are funding terrorists, sending arms and in the case of countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon (March 14 faction), Qatar and UAE, flying terrorists into Syria. The terrorists operating in Syria are of various origins from within the Arab world as well as local gunmen. The Arabs themselves have largely picked up the tab, not aware or concerned about the consequences, they are following their orders and their pure hate for Syria.

Today one of these Arab in the Midan, in the heart of Damascus, blew himself up and took 25 innocent souls with him. Their remains were scattered on the streets:

Remains of innocent bystanders from Arab terrorism

In all likelihood this was a non-Syrian Arab terrorist, trained to hate, trained to kill, trained to die. Not to say there is something wrong with martyrdom operations during warfare — sacrifice when you’re part of a larger body is an act of an Ubermensch. But doing the same thing, without aim and without any manner of inflicting victory for yourself … it is purely animalistic. In fact, they are even lower than even an animal, who would always hang on to their lives for survival, but to spare you from reading monster too much, I will stick to animals.

I disapproved of, for a long time, the suicide bombings inside Palestine occuipied by the zionist entity referred to herein as “israel”. I still do, in my opinion, it did not actually grant Palestinians any victory. Remotely detonated weapons are far superior and it would be best if they targeted the military state terror apparatus. But this is the mainstay of certain Palestinian factions — I don’t like them, but this is the truth. They do have a GOAL that benefits them however, so I will not call them animalistic. They are simply not strategic thinkers.

But now… the Arabs, blowing themselves up inside Syria, in its capital. The only country that is holding back the west from forever conquering the entire middle east under the “New Middle East” plan? They are willing to blow themselves up in order to HURT themselves in the future. The Qatari are willing to sit idly while their Emir spends their future away to destroy a country that calls itself their sister? Jordanians and Saudis have killed themselves to destroy Syria, for money? No, it cannot be for money if they’re willing to blow themselves up. It’s just pure hatred for Syria, the land, the country, the people. They always treated us like dirt when we were in their countries. That’s fine, we can ignore them, despite opening the door for them to study for free in our country. But that’s not enough for them, they must be rid of us forever.

The Arab sees a fruitful tree and must pick up a stone to destroy it, as their nature calls for it. The Arab animalistic terrorist however, has to blow themselves up with the tree. This isn’t just the case for these bombings in Syria. You must understand that we’re on the edge of total war, World War III so to speak. I will write about this soon, but please take my word for it until then. The Arabs are putting not only their filthy terrorist’s lives on the line but their entire nations. Their countries will be in the firing line if they leave no other solution for our axis. They don’t seem to be sensing this at all, they see every diplomatic move by Syria as an opportunity to raise the ceiling on the available provocations.

But are the Arabs playing Syria on their own? Or are they the ones being played? The answer to this question can be found in:

Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”

Israel's dream resurrected as the "new middle east" in 2006

After their attempt to take down Syria in 1982 using their Arab slaves and the “Muslim Brotherhood” (controlled by British intelligence) failed the israelis had to look for a broader strategy to be pulled off over a longer period of time. Before the year even ended, the israelis drew up plans to divide the Arabs in a manner that allows them to exert covert control over them and eventually dominate the entire area. You can read more about it in this excellent article — but I will summarise the important points for this article. The attacks begun in 1990 with the attack against Iraq during and after Desert Storm. In that time, Saddam had fell into the trap into thinking he was not indispensable by his controllers. Iraq’s army was one of israel’s main fears. It was large and well armed and Saddam himself, while under control of the Americans who put him in power, was very much against israel.

The Arabs then pretended that Saddam was coming for them all, all over a dispute with Kuwait who was stealing Iraq’s oil. The Arabs joined a war launched by America and Kuwait based on a lie. Syria, who had a bone to pick with Saddam over his support of the “Muslim Brotherhood” bombings, also sent a force to help remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait, but never went any further and reportedly never fired even at other Iraqis (in fact it facilitated many of their survival but we’ll leave that story for another day) to the degree that the British requested that Syrian troops get cordoned off. The Arabs though, they started bombing the Iraqi army, they went further than desert storm. The Arabs took part of almost all but the last of the US missions to destroy Iraq. They boasted about the size of each bomb they dropped over Iraq, they were very proud of the destruction they were instilling on their fellow Arabs.

They also took part in the sanctions that turned a rich country (Iraq) to one of the poorest in the world. All while talking about religion and dancing with night-walkers in foreign lands. For more than a decade Iraq was being bombed and sanctioned, in the mean time Syria allowed Iraqis to smuggle food in and out, selling their produce and oil, getting some currency into the country.

After Bill Clinton launched another campaign to starve Iraq out a little bit more and take out their air defense systems, the israelis kicked the next phase of their plan: Operation Shekinah. You may know it by another name, “Shock and Awe”. All they needed was a justification. How convenient that 9/11 kicked the westerners (of whom the majority are equally animalistic as the Arabs) into an endless self-righteous phase of bloodlust.

After the USAF deployed a neutron bomb over Baghdad airport, they may have taken down their former puppet but the Iraqi resistance lived on. They ignored them, saying “bring it on” and they did, but threatened Syria anyway even though we would not kneel. Instead, we opted to support the resistance! Despite the Arab/Saudi/Qatari constant interference using takfiri elements who were creating sectarian conflicts, and despite Negroponte’s death squads, the resistance came out ahead in the end and forced the Americans into their bases to cut their massive (under-reported) losses.

After other battles (such as the Lebanese-israeli war in 2006) supported by Arabs failed to generate the necessary conditions for the new middle east plans, as the war destroyed the sectarianism they were building up in Iraq. That’s when the israelis and their Arab dogs realised that the war can only be won by taking the battle to Syria.

But you cannot fight Syria directly. The Turks know this, despite their ridiculously over the top brinkmanship (which almost became an apocalyptic battle). The Americans know this, which is why they hatched the plan. The israelis certainly know this, because they’re in Syria’s direct line of fire. But the Arab animals, didn’t know this. They kept carrying out their israeli master’s orders via Jeffery Feltman. They kept sending out their money, kept sending Arab terrorist dogs, kept sending arms and now started sending their signature suicide bombers. They saw every diplomatic exit Syria opened for them as some kind of weakness and kept listening to their masters.

As I’ve implied, our archnemesis israel and their western allies are the architects of this crisis, why would peace be possible with them but not the Arabs? I’ve already answered the question in the previous paragraph: because they know when to stop, as a direct conflict with Syria means mutual destruction. The Arabs don’t know this — they don’t know our capabilities, they don’t know our possible reaction and they do not know our limits. The reason is, in contrast to the scheming devilish israelis, the Arabs are STUPID. They haven’t realised yet that even months ago, they had already sealed their fate when they ignored President Assad’s widely publicised earthquake warning. Since then, Syria, not just yours truly, has realised that there can be no peaceful co-existence with these animalistic scum.

As long as the conflict is contained inside Syria, the Arabs will not stop. They won’t stop their bombings, they won’t stop the media war, they won’t stop their terrorism or fake activists. They’ve only left us a single solution: war, thus by definition, peace is impossible with the Arabs. A regional war it shall be, reducing the Arabs to a state that is as harmless as an animal in a zoo to the guests. That means: no more cities, no more money, no more oil&gas production capacity. This is the existence that was intended for them, a camel, an oasis, fish and some sheep. You put money (power) into their hands and they will only create trouble for those they are pointed at.

Once the Arabs are removed from israel’s hands, we will begin to suffocate it. Life is going to be VERY hard for israel when it cannot use Arab energy to fuel its machines of war. When there are no Arab states to trade with in a clandestine fashion. When there are no Arabs states propping up the petrodollar that keeps it alive. Syria already knows that a direct war with israel is not in its interest, it will quickly become the battle of Armageddon due to weapons of mass destruction. But we can use their same strategies of attacking them indirectly. Funding and arming the resistance against them. Isolating them economically and so on, until they give up their zionism and become a regular state where the right of return is granted to Palestinians and migration is not based on one’s religion. Where the Golan heights is returned to Syria, the Shebba farms are returned to Lebanon, Sinai is under Egypt’s control without condition and the region will remain stable under the spectre of mutually assured destruction. Something the Arabs have no understanding of.

We will win, not through direct war, nor through worthless negotiations, but through a game of geopolitical chess that will suffocate our nemesis as they tried to suffocate us.

In conclusion and to rub salt in the wound, I will translate an Arabic proverb into English: Better a scheming enemy than a stupid friend. If you think I’m wrong, then go pray that God forgives me, but if you read some truth into this, consider how far the Arabs have to go before they show some semblance of a human being. Before being stupid and calling me an israeli apologist, note that in all my tweets and in all my posts, I’ve never capitalised the word ‘israel’. Can the fake activists passing my tweets around without context (this article) say the same? I didn’t think so.


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