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The Washington Post is sometimes known as the pentagon’s gazette and with good reason. They’ve managed to turn … basically, the worst human beings on Earth, into some kind of heroes. Organ traffickers and harvesters. Honestly, these people make jack the ripper seem like an angel. Unfortunately, we caught some in Syria, along with many bodies of their victims [And I warn you this is extremely graphic]:

(Unfortunately only in Arabic, but displays the story of the organ traffickers in Homs, Syria)

Here is a video of where they stored some of the “spent” bodies [Again, graphic]:

You never get to hear this on the western sewer stream media of course. They’re too busy talking about non-existent fantasies like the “Free Syrian Army” and what not. Pentagon’s gazette takes the pick though, for being the most vile of them all. They’ve taken this story of organ traffickers and turned them into angels. In an article titled “Activists accuse Syria regime of intensifying crackdown on doctors treating wounded protesters”, a grand tale of beautiful doctors healing poor innocent protesters is presented to us. Naturally, there’s only so much a Syrian can take. Here are my comments to them:

Most people only read the title of an article and skim the content. They trust the editor to pick a title that best reflects that content. Naturally, I’m not one of those people, especially being a Syrian concerned about his country. But this article has so many problems that my comment will focus on the title alone.

“Activists accuse Syria regime of intensifying crackdown on doctors treating wounded protesters”.

Not a single word of this title conveys the truth.

Activist: These people are not activists, but terrorists living abroad, warmongering against a nation that the west wishes to destroy. They are essentially EXILES.

Accuse: They have no standing to accuse a sovereign nation of anything. They are simply spreading RUMOURS.

Syria regime: Of course, the west loves to use the word “regime” when targeting a state that is against it. The correct neutral word of course, is GOVERNMENT.

Intensifying crackdown on doctors: There was no crackdown on doctors to begin with, a complete fabrication. What has happened is quite disgusting: several non-Arabic speaking mercenaries surgeons were captured alongside terrorists operating in Homs. These mercenary doctors specialised in organ harvesting, as proven by video taken of them operating in a body (of a person presumed to be under sedation but still alive — until of course the organs are removed).

Treating wounded protesters: Here is the other problem, while these mercenaries did indeed set up field hospitals for terrorists who are wounded while they killed Syrian civilians and the army/security attempted to stop them, they also served another purpose. You see, these same terrorists kidnapped many people in Homs. We found a warehouse with 30 bodies inside, many with missing organs. Yes, the terrorists and the mercenaries worked hand-in-hand, kidnapping the innocent people of Homs and transferring their organs to the world market, leaving their parents with a body to bury.

I have not a single unconfirmed fact above, everything can be backed up — and will be brought up when the time suits it, by our government.

What I’m left to do for the associated press and Washington post, is suggest a better title. You can fix the content up yourselves (you cannot afford my services you see):

Exiles spread rumours about the Syrian government who has captured mercenary surgeons harvesting organs and treating wounded terrorists.

It is my request that you change your title to reflect reality by using mine. Though I have no illusions about your compliance with this request, it’s worth a shot. Isn’t it?

Original article and comment

Do note that they make the usual mention of “army defectors” to cover for the tens of thousands of terrorists (many non-Syrian) we have caught and the remainder we are cleaning up. This is the standard of media in the west, a sorry joke in front of the world.


Addounia has covered this story, now with English captions for wider reach:


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The failed traitors have formed what they’re calling a “Syrian National Transition Council”, named after the so-called NTC in Libya. If it wasn’t so in your face, I would take them somewhat seriously. These cavemen, you see, cannot even control their anger at each other while the cameras are rolling:

Democracy ('Muslim' brotherhood) representatives, hand-picked by the west for Syria

Really now, can anyone take these cavemen seriously? Anyway, these traitors want to call for a war on Syria, but they’re unaware of the full details that stop the west from doing just that. I will not get into that right now, it is somewhat of a matter of national security. In order to pretend they have some information about Syria’s air defenses they published a map, as relayed by the Foreign policy journal:

The also published 4 other “zoomed in detailed maps”, and then stood to the side and said: “rejects any outside interference that undermines the sovereignty of the Syrian people” … BUT they need a “no fly zone” just like in Libya. As if the world will fall for that one a third time (in Iraq and then Libya) pretending it’s not a foreign intervention.

I tell these cavemen, first off, you don’t know anything about Syria’s air defenses. Your information is almost 30 years old, the last time the system was activated against israel + the west. I will also tell you, as you sit comfortably in Turkey, that your air defense situation isn’t so crash hot:

Turkey's pathetic air defense system.

Ooooh we could wipe Turkey off the map within 15 minutes with a defense system this bad. It seems to be EWS-heavy, but the air defense components are all directed at Greece … they’ve completely neglected a possible strike by Syria or/and Iran. For example, we can create a no-fly zone over the terrorist Control-and-Command center that calls itself the SNTC. Oh dear, those fist fights you’re having amongst each other don’t seem very important anymore do they? That next shake you feel could be the prelude to your death, rather than the lobotomised traitor next to you shaking in fear from what will happen to them when the US abandons them soon.

And that fancy radar NATO is installing for you? It’s the first thing that will be turned into shredded and scorched sheet metal.

Now, enough fun for a moment, how did I produce this map? And why is it in such a similar style to these bastard’s map? Well, I used the same source! This map was collected by what I would call an “amateur”, you can visit their website here. They describe themselves as “Open source military analysis”. Basically this information, outside of the west where it is reliable (i.e. Turkey’s map) is publicly available and thus can be considered worthless.

I should also mention that I had to invert the colours to get the same stupid effect these cavemen managed to create in paintbrush. They thought this would hide the source of the information from us. These people are truly pathetic and ugly.

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