It was pointed out to me in a tweet that there were in fact TWO emails posted in the BritAm leak. One on “Iranian issue”. A quick inspect reveals fraud.

Within the Iranian issue email the header contains the following:

with ESMTP id nWRHL2NRVdAP for ;;
Thu, 16 Oct 2012 23:57:18 +0800 (SGT)
Received: from smtp.clients.netdns.net (smtp.clients.netdns.net [])
by titanium.netdns.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 27D5F523A0E
for ;; Thu, 16 Oct 2012 23:57:18 +0800 (SGT)

And within the Syrian email, the header contained the following:

with ESMTP id nWRHL2NRVdAP for ;;
Mon, 24 Dec 2012 23:57:18 +0800 (SGT)
Received: from smtp.clients.netdns.net (smtp.clients.netdns.net [])
by titanium.netdns.net (Postfix) with ESMTP id 27D5F523A0E
for ;; Mon, 24 Dec 2012 23:57:18 +0800 (SGT)

The date is different, as one would expect but the TIME is exactly the same. This means that one or both of these emails has been edited from the email database. The forgery is clear, it’s time to burn this Trojan horse. Whoever made this leak purposely left this sign of fraud behind, in order to later point it out and use it as a platform to attack ALL leaks unfavourable to the US and to try and claim that a chemical weapon attack cannot possibly be a false flag.

Nice try.

UPDATE 1: Note that in both emails the date is modified throughout, but the time is left intact. Such attention to detail implies its not just a fraud, but a deliberate fraud. This turns the magic on the magician: why create this two level false flag when there is no intention to carry out a chemical weapon false flag? This highly sophisticated cyber warfare operation should indicate the stakes at play: what is the prize behind the sacrifice of a mercenary organisation like BritAm?


A few days ago a suspicious email and archive popped up by a hacker going by the handle “JAsIrX”. On twitter I relayed the alarming contents immediately as the archive of confidential looked comprehensive and accurate. I write this to tell you, I may have made a terrible error, as did the Trojans so long ago when presented with temptation…

The email itself had a valid header and experts analysed it, showing that it proved internal exchange within BritAm’s network.

A large amount of detailed documents, fill with private details and other information.

A large amount of detailed documents, fill with private details and other information.

For those unaware, here is the content of the email included in the archive:

“Phil We’ve got a new offer. It’s about Syria again. Qataris propose an attractive deal and swear that the idea is approved by Washington. We’ll have to deliver a CW to Homs, a Soviet origin g-shell from Libya similar to those that Assad should have. They want us to deploy our Ukrainian personnel that should speak Russian and make a video record. Frankly, I don’t think it’s a good idea but the sums proposed are enormous. Your opinion? Kind regards David”

When you put it all together, it seems like a closed case. A strong conspiracy is revealed with a British private military company (PMC) being contracted out by Qatar to create a chemical weapon (CW) false flag, around December when Obama was busy harping on about the very topic…

BritAm PMC Logo ... Nothing more than mercenaries with a fancy name.

BritAm PMC Logo … Nothing more than mercenaries with a fancy name.

At least, on the surface! The hack definitely happened as BritAm’s website went down. Files were definitely leaked, no company would purposely leak out its employee’s passports and other personal information. But let us ask some important questions:

a) Why did only one email get leaked?

Of the entire 200 megabyte archive, only one email is leaked out, directed to the company’s manager. Usually with large leaks, a more complete archive of emails is leaked from the target’s database. Why did the hacker choose only to leak this particular email? How they he sift it out of the rest? Which leads to the second question.

b) Why BritAm?

The hacker claimed that they found the data on a Malaysian based server that had faulty intrusion detection software. Isn’t it odd that they would be looking around there in the first place and be motivated to target this company. Could it be chance? Of course. But more likely it was a well researched “leak”, much like the Stratfor attack that was conducted by the FBI (since AnonymouSabu was working as an agent of theirs at the time he helped hack it) timed in response to its realistic articles about Syria… and this again leads to the penultimate, but very important question.

c) Why now?

If you can entertain for a minute that this hack was indeed well-planned and not accidental as the hacker claimed, you would ask then, why would they release it now? If it was unplanned, they would have no reason to delay its release. In fact, there is a very good reason:

Syrian Electronic Army Leaks website

Syrian Electronic Army Leaks website

The Syrian Electronic Army (SEA) has recently released a large amount of emails directly from Qatar’s email servers. Earlier the SEA hacked into the Saudi defense ministry’s servers and was able to completely transfer the database and access the content management system. The leaks so far are damning and have been confirmed by the Al Akhbar Lebanese newspaper as being “genuine”. The media, has mostly ignored this massive leak, including alternate media, who would normally be swarming around any mention of a “leak”… Instead, some very odd things have been happening.

Suddenly, a few days after the announcement and release of the hack, Anonymous has decided to launch a “warhead” campaign, complete with a slick media campaign and loud promises… a clear attempt to OVERSHADOW the massive and real SEA leaks. This “chemical weapon” loud horn is sounded by the leak, gathering much more attention than minutes between gulf leaders (puppet Arabs of America). Putting these together, we can ask one final and simple question.

d) What is the purpose of this leak?

Why the leak, with a single email? Why now? Why only one email? It’s clear. A single email is very easy to dismiss as fake. In fact, during the Stratfor hack, anonymouSabu’s henchmen planted an email by CEO George Friedman claiming he had resigned, when in fact he had done no such thing. When you control a server you are able to fabricate any kind of email you want to “leak”. Only a long conversation with realistic time stamps follow ups and reference emails to check for the writer’s style, can possibly be used to confirm the authenticity of an email.

And BritAm has been silent!

Which means that this leak can be quickly dismissed as nothing more than a fabrication. The hack will of course be acknowledged as in the case of Stratfor. Who will you believe, BritAm or the hacker?

That’s the problem. Soon, by undermining the validity of the leak in the minds of the media consumers, it will by extension, undermine the validity of the SEA leaks even though the latter is comprehensive and includes signed, scanned documents and a huge amount of cross references. That won’t matter, a single “fake” can spoil all the real leaks.

But not this time! By anticipating this strategy and demanding a complete archive from “JAsIrX” before discussing the leak any further, we can burn this possible Trojan horse before it enters our gates.

As we discussed in the previous part, the main problem the zionist media apparatus faces with its all-out assault on Syria is diminishing returns with each kind of lie it manufactures. So, it always has to manufacture new lies, to up the ante.

They’ve done “killing peaceful protesters” literally to death and have blunted this tool for future “coloured revolutions”, no one is going to buy it anymore and they will remember Syria and Libya as examples where the media’s “peaceful protesters” are really nothing more than fuel for a fire.

They briefly tried to impose sympathy on people for their mercenary army that sometimes calls itself the “Free Syrian Army” in a bid to undermine the one and only Syrian Arab Army, but this kind of strategy only worked on the dumbest of people. Most in politics remember all these “free range armies”, in Nicaragua, in Lebanon, in all places America wanted to destablise and move into.

They tried massacres each time before a UNSC session was called in but good help proved hard to find and the sloppy nature of their terrorists revealed the fact that they were nothing more than mail order massacres. They were planning on using chemical weapons to blame the Syrian government in shades of the Kurdish massacre in Iraq by one of the warring parties in the Iran-Iraq war (likely Iran according to US intelligence). That plan was busted thanks to social media to the degree that even the Russian FM had to issue underhanded warnings not to carry it out — as it would definitely result in retaliation by Syria for using such weapons on our territory for media gain.

The brutality and illegitimacy of the free range terrorist army was clear for all, so the media had to continue to undermine the national army in other ways: by bringing children to the fore-front of the battle.

This is where the Hula massacre came in, a crime so horrific that I do not wish to recall all the details in order to spare my spirit some comfort. So soul shaking that the terrorists would slaughter small children for Al Jazeera that it blinded many people for hours on the news — it was blamed on government artillery. This was easy for many to swallow and the story was repeated by all, including foreign ministers of enemy nations. They recalled all of their Syrian ambassadors and ejected the Syrian ambassadors on their territory. They pretty much they thought they nailed this one, the Houla massacre was going to be their war cry in destroying Syria.

But there was one problem … many children had their hands bounded and all most all of them were executed with knives and close range weapons. There was absolutely no signature of an artillery attack on any of the children shown, which would result in a lot of dust appearing over their bodies as well as decapitations and other horrible features. The ruse was finally over when FAZ, the leading German newspaper, busted the story with a brilliant piece demonstrating that real journalism is still alive, if hard to find.

They had so much invested in this story that the damage was going to be sustained for the rest of their campaign. They ejected ambassadors over the story, it is a stunt that can only be pulled off once. The black propaganda had to move on, the ante had to be raise, but though they are cunning,  their viperous nature disconnects them from basic human nature. No one would place their own child in the front lines and certainly not for a vague political cause advertised on Al Jazeera. Most people would protect their children with their lives, something the media vipers probably wouldn’t understand.

That is why when the daily mail tried to garner sympathy for them they failed HARD as you can tell by some of the comments in the following article:

“What is a ten year old doing with a klashnikov rifle? You play with fire you,,,,,,instead of of backing the rebels and encouraging them to fight why doesn’t anyone listen to the government and wait for the democratic process,get the elections started?”

“Freedom fighters my hairy backside, that’s not what we called the Irish when they were running around with AK’s and car bombs a few years ago.”

“Are you for real??? Seriously ..Are you for real??? All you cared about is this boy crying because his ” friend ” got killed in a battle… Shouldn’t you be asking yourselves what a 10 or even 15 yrs old boy doing holding an AK47 in the first place??? Aren’t those so called rebels asking for more media coverage and subsequently global sympathy when taking kids to demonstrations and giving them real weapons with real bullets to ” play with” and then cry their eyes out if one of those kids is subjected to a horrowing situation like whatching someone dying next to them!!!! I dont think you gonna get much sympathy for the Syrian rebels from your readers by publishing this piece, in fact, day by day we are turning against them for braiwashing children into gettin involved with real weapons playing cops and robbers!!!!!”

“So, rebels brainwash a kid to shoot at army and when army shoots back they actually trying to use it to get support. Shameless. Afetr attempt to get western journalist killed its hard to believe anything “rebels” say. They are talking about civilian victims, but when civilian joins military force organized, equipped and funded from other country, takes assault gun and attacks local army is he still a civilian?”

“If the boy is upset by death why in the name of God is he carrying and possibly using an AK47 does his indoctrination not warn him that when bullets meet flesh they usually damage it? This constant anti Assad propaganda is so much like the stuff we got on Iraq and LIbya, does anyone really believe it all?”

“After the mistakes in Iran, Kosovo, Bosnia, Egypt, Afghanistan and Iraq I feel inclined to side with Assad. Better the devil you know.”

“Well my view of the ‘rebels’ has taken a nose dive. Why are they recruiting children to fight on the front line? There is something not quite right with what we are being told about happening in Syria…..perhaps it’s not so black & white!”

“If Assad goes you idiot “liberals” will see yet another islamic fascist state, forget freedom.”

“So the rebels recruit child soldiers? These are the people who some feel should replace the current elected govt, any govt that supports these rebels is criminal.”

“It’s worrying that the media are making these “rebels” out to be the innocents all the time. If you read RT you will see what these “people” have been doing to the Christian population including the churches!”

And these are from the “newest” and “top rated” comment pile, I haven’t checked the rest! The media at this point, stopped using this as it received far too much flak. The terrorists continued to kill, take hostage, abuse and use children for organ harvesting, but away from the media light. They had exhausted the sympathy of people towards them. Think of the children just wouldn’t work.

That’s when, as cued by my previous report, they resorted to accusations of rape by the terrorists towards the army:

Garbage “Daily beast” Article accusing Syrian army of “systematic rape”

Atlantic zionist establishment article with vile lies about “charting use of rape as terror” by Syria.

Needless to say, they were unable to substantiate their claims. No doubt they have hired prostitutes to make pornographic movies in order to propagate such claims, but it was no good: if they weren’t believed, the viewers would turn against their precious “rebels” and side again with the army. At this point as well, videos of the Tlas family amongst other traitors started to be leaked by an unknown party. This showed Abdul Razak Tlas, the leader of the “Farouq brigade”, masturbating on Skype and his ‘girlfriend’ holding up rings he stole for her from Rastan, then removing her clothes. Another video that was released 2 weeks ago showed Firas Tlas, main Syrian financier of terrorism and a former member of the corrupt oligarchy, in a disgusting two-woman orgy. Manaf “the toy general” Tlas, is said to have made his very own pornographic movie to be published soon as well.  I apologise for the descriptions, but this is the true nature of the terrorists and their supporters. On the other hand, the pure Syrian army, would never commit such acts, as it is a hierarchical organisation made up of all of Syrian society. Rape against a single woman in Syria, by the army, is rape against all of the army’s women. Many journalists surmised it as much and so, the rape claimed subsided.

“Aboudy” as his girlfriend kept calling him, is none other than Abdul Razak Tlas, whose skype cyber sex video was so disgusting, he had to flee his own terrorist organisation to Turkey.

At this point the black propaganda is failing and you can tell by their latest crap. Since no one was going to believe that the Syrian army would use chemical weapons on its soil and the risk of faking it through their terrorists being too high (finally giving Syria the impetus to flush them out using chemical weapons in retaliation, or worse, launching a regional war), the time came to take photographs and videos in front of unused air defense bases. These included the ancient S-75 missile bases near an important site in Aleppo to indicate that the terrorists had it surrounded. Of course, they cannot hold such areas and simply destroy whatever they can before leaving, as instructed by their “advanced communication equipment” (i.e. western intelligence on the other line). The aim is always to rot the Syrian state away, so that even if the war is over, the damage is too high to recover Syria to what it was. While this sapped Syrian’s morale a lot, the western audience were not really phased much: How is an air defense site attacking the terrorists in the first place? The corrupt journalists never seem to bother asking that question.

In their final pathetic attempts, they’ve been making up stories about “barrel bombs”, essentially captured IEDs that the army sometimes gets rid of by dropping into empty fields near terrorist infested sites. The morons tried to pass it off as a cheap bomb the government was creating to use randomly on civilian areas. Inverting the truth as always, as its a cheap bomb the terrorists use to kill and maim bystanders. Russian psyop specialist Evgeny Khrushchev, called them out explicitly on this failing media tactic:

“Welcome to the latest spin of the Al-Qaeda psychological operation against the Syrian government, backed by their Western advisers – the nefarious ‘barrel bombs’ bogey!

To borrow from the US VP debate with a Republican contender, it’s total ‘malarkey’, conjured up by the black propaganda experts steeped in the USIA’s (United States Information Agency) heritage of information warfare against the ‘Empire of Evil’ by  ‘a shining city on a hill’.

First, they tried to exploit the threat of chemical weapons – it didn’t work and it didn’t look persuasively gory on TV screens. Then the scaremongers evoked more TV-friendly cluster munitions with helpful Cyrillic letters alluding to their Soviet/Russian origin. This preposterous canard didn’t fly either.

Naturally, when Syrian Armed Forces defuse terrorists’ IEDs, there’s a possibility they might drop the barrels – with or without explosives – back on their perpetrators. Civilians call it returning a favor; the military tags it ‘returning fire’.

The hidden agenda of this propaganda coup is pretty obvious: having failed to win the ‘hearts & minds’ of the population, the terrorists and jihadists for hire have resorted to a disinformation campaign to discredit the authorities and cover up their atrocities against peaceful civilians in Syria.”

I couldn’t have said it better, Colonel Evgeny Khrushchev!

Where does that leave the western propaganda? No where. Their screams about cluster bombs fell on deaf ears. Syria is not a signatory to the cluster bomb convention and there is no real evidence of Syria using cluster bombs (or even having purchased them from Russia) anywhere. Indeed, they are far too persistent to be used on one’s own soil, essentially forming a field of unexploded ordnance that will continue to kill for decades to come.

The “revolution” has failed because the black propaganda against the Syrian state has failed. Most of the terrorist supporters are getting a dull feeling right now, that they are on the wrong side. Perhaps all the lies they swallowed had no basis — in fact, as I have shown on this blog (see “My enemy is not my friend”) originating from our arch-nemesis, israel. They surely have Syrian’s best interest in mind.

The west has lost the media war, what of the war on Syria though? This is a different matter, to be covered soon in an important article I intended to post in March, but felt was too soon due to the darkness of its contents.

“Hello dear
First; let me introduce myself
My name is Maya and I am a guy 😉 and you have three seconds to get surprised and let’s move on 🙂 …”

So arrives the his words into your mailbox. You see, Maya is commonly a girl’s name but Maya was a man. He was a loving man, a wise man, the ideal man … a hero. And so young. Maya put everything on the line known full well the consequences ahead. For those who don’t know, Maya Naser wasn’t just another reporter. Maya Naser was the very personification of Syria and all it stood for.

Much like the sniper, who sat from a distance and pulled the trigger that took Maya’s life away, certain so-called “journalists” wish to take the spirit of his work away by painting him as just another “regime mouthpiece”, ignoring the fact that they themselves are the biggest mouthpiece for international criminals who find themselves running the majority of governments  and their media by extension.

As for all of the wretched scum that have come to the surface to find some victory in Maya’s assassination, trying to spread sectarianism and their venomeous hatred, I will only say a few things about Maya for now. Maya was agnostic but his parents were both Christian and Muslim… just like Syria. His father gave his sons uncommon male names (usually female) in order to make a statement about gender equality. Maya was against violence and against oligarchy and tyranny. Maya would not hurt a fly but he was a patriot above all.

Maya’s story hasn’t been written yet, but the world will soon discover the hero that the enemies of humanity did not wish to reach his peak, for a clean honest and intelligence man is extremely dangerous in a wretched world. I have much much more to say, but I feel so saddened by the loss of my friend that only a short dedication can do for now.

I will miss you Maya… and I shall never forget . Your work will not remain unfinished, nor the example you left for us all. They may have killed you but they will not stop you and I will take on your wish for Syria until my last breath.

Every time we think the west, the zionists and their Arab puppets have sunk to the deepest pit of morality, they prove us wrong by pulling out a new vice. Through killing us in a new way — and then lying about it to kill us once again. Were I to list off all of the lies created, all the works of deception, about Syria, the result would be encyclopedia spanning 30 volumes.  This is not the purpose of this post. The purpose is to END these lies, by showing you how they are created.

Let us begin from the very beginning… with the so-called “peaceful spontaneous protests”. These were preceded by attempts in Iraq to smuggle a huge amount of arms by months and various failed attempts to spark protests since at least late February and early March 2011. A favoured tactic by the west is to put women and children, as young as plausible, at the very forefront of their propaganda. This leaves most reader in a heightened emotional state, the only purpose of their “news” then, is to inject the lie: The Syrian people and their security forces cannot be trusted to keep themselves safe. “Violence” is splashed everywhere and a slow narrative creep approaches, justifying certain violence and attempting to annihilate the only legitimate source of violence: The monopoly of sovereignty.

It isn’t enough to lie however… the key to their strategy is to create events on the ground loosely corresponding to their lies. That way they can slowly change reality with their narrative forcefully being repeated until all of the weak observers have no choice but to (or willingly) succumb.

And so began the so-called “revolution”: Ten children graffiti some anti-government vandalism over some wall in Daraa and supposedly get arrested. Then their parents supposedly gather the entire city behind them and protest, only to be fired on by police who, for whatever reason, went crazy that day and started firing own their own townsmen whose families they no doubt know personally. Then of course, the governor orders the children be taken away to some super-secret dungeon to have all of their nails pulled out. Here’s the problem: To this day no one knows who these children are, the story is likely to be a fabrication and its announcement nothing more than a signal for the Otpor-style colour revolution fuel. Also, never mind several policemen were stabbed in Homs on the very same day, definitely spontaneous am I right? In reality, there were death squads on the field simulating this very scenario by shooting at both the police and the protesters.

The government had to swallow this one whole, they were taken by surprise (and this in itself is criminal negligence in my opinion, but I let it pass because we have to save our country at all costs) admitted mistakes and announced that people’s demands for reform (the palatable cover for such protests of course) was heard and will be met with certainty. Furthermore, it announced  the emergency law that kept the country secure at the cost of enriching very corrupt people with absolute power over the country, would end. In any case this emergency law proved to be useless as the majority of customs people were paid off and arms were flowing freely from all bordering countries with the exception of the zionist entity and 10,060 US military-payroll personnel were being housed in Syria as admitted by the pentagon! A testament to the efficiency of the DoD’s irregular warfare program.

In order to stop the possibly cascading violence between police and “protesters” (the gunmen who embed themselves amongst  them) the government ordered all security to refrain from shooting at protests even if they are fired on by them! This spelled the end of George Soro’s colour revolution stratagem that worked perfectly in Egypt and Tunisia. The professional agitating snipers, gunmen were largely caught … but it was far from the end of it. This same lie persisted to keep as many fools going as possible and to give the fabricated “opposition” a battle cry to stand on. But alas, as with all things, this lie had diminishing returns with each repetition.

The zionist “revolution” needed a symbol: A small twelve year boy as it happened, killed by maniacal security forces in the most gruesome torturous way in the depth of secret dungeons. In reality, it was an armed seventeen year old whose father admitted that his goal was to rape and steal, shot while raiding a police station, the president personally met with him and handed the coroner’s report. But the lying media, found a photograph of him from school and splashed it across all the social media. You can still find this photograph on many revolution-suckers profile photo. None of them know the truth, the lie was too easy to swallow.

The stage was set to bring on the west’s “activist” no-lifers: Enter the gay girl in Damascus.

The gay girl in Damascus… and the real person behind this character, Tom McMaster

The gay girl was a blog that was slowly being updated, well before the violent riots began. It was done in coordination of Tom McMaster and his girlfriend who specialised in middle eastern affairs, specifically around Syria. After a few fanciful stories, which got the image of black jacketed Mukhabarat cigarette smoking thugs into people’s minds, amongst threats of rape and sectarian undertones all written in English … the “gay girl” had to be martyred. She was arrested and disappeared by police you see… the “gay community” in the west was outraged. They quickly called upon their hoards of busy-body activists to “champion” the cause of the zionist revolution in Syria. But alas, it was short lived mainly due to the incredible attention given to the story. The US embassy, declining at the time to drain itself of credibility (that it would save for later, draining it on an equally pointless fantasy I might mention), denied knowing anything about the supposed gay girl. Indeed, people began browsing through the carefully constructed history McMaster and his girlfriend created for her, eventually leading them directly to the culprit.

For reasons far too complicated and arcane, Syria had to go down for the west, they were and still are willing to throw everything they had at us. What they had done so far wasn’t enough. Too many smart people resided in Syria and they largely ignored their enemy’s press. The suckers had to grow in their bloodlust in order to be more useful zionist puppets. They had to assume their fellow Syrians were monsters in order for them to act like monsters and justify monstrous acts.

In the second part, we will go through the vicious, barbaric acts committed to simulate the horrors necessary to achieve this bloodlust and more — international condemnation. Furthermore, I will reveal the final few as-of-yet unlaunched attempts that are being drawn up by zionist-linked journalists in the west, leaving you with the following screenshot from social media that should hint at directions they wish to explore next.

A demented western media liar looks for photographs of prostitutes in order to taint military men that he admits are honourable people.

Some people were shocked/surprised when I said this on twitter. This isn’t written as a reaction to them, but to get something off my plate in this dark hour. It has to be said and many Syrians are too polite and afraid to speak the truth. You should know by now that politeness and fear isn’t enough to stop this small voice from speaking out. It isn’t that hard to understand when you work through things logically making a few concessions of ideology. Many of my friends will disagree with me, but after reading this they will realise our disagreement is purely semantic.

To start off the root ideology behind my opinion may not be popular amongst people, but it’s definitely taking off in Syria: our identification as Syrians rather than Arabs. You can read about the martyr Antoun Saadeh’s work and his part the Syrian Socialist Nationalist Party for people with similar opinion and great justification. I’m not a member myself, but some of my family were founding members. Not long ago, you could have called me a communist! I’m a bit beyond politics now however, my focus began to shift towards geopolitics and strategy long ago and now I’m completely dedicated to that, so just take this as me pointing towards those with a similar elements to my ideology. Mine is not based on race so much, but on culture, history, trustworthiness and geographic location. You will note that the government of Syria is ruled by a party that is opposed to this ideology as they are pan-Arabists rather than “pan-Syrianists” (and I include some of our Jordanian, Lebanese, Iraqi and Palestinian brothers as Syrians). Throughout this document, I include almost all Arabs of course, based on their votes in the Arab league, not just the main conspirators. I apologise if you find this offensive, but perhaps you should have done something to stop your representatives from voting against us.

Instead of jumping straight to the simple reason why I made this logically valid statement, I will guide you through the history of the current crisis in Syria to demonstrate it as the only logical conclusion.

Turkey, the Gulf, Jordan, israel, America and much of Europe has been running a conspiracy against Syria for almost 10 months. These slimy states are funding terrorists, sending arms and in the case of countries like Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon (March 14 faction), Qatar and UAE, flying terrorists into Syria. The terrorists operating in Syria are of various origins from within the Arab world as well as local gunmen. The Arabs themselves have largely picked up the tab, not aware or concerned about the consequences, they are following their orders and their pure hate for Syria.

Today one of these Arab in the Midan, in the heart of Damascus, blew himself up and took 25 innocent souls with him. Their remains were scattered on the streets:

Remains of innocent bystanders from Arab terrorism

In all likelihood this was a non-Syrian Arab terrorist, trained to hate, trained to kill, trained to die. Not to say there is something wrong with martyrdom operations during warfare — sacrifice when you’re part of a larger body is an act of an Ubermensch. But doing the same thing, without aim and without any manner of inflicting victory for yourself … it is purely animalistic. In fact, they are even lower than even an animal, who would always hang on to their lives for survival, but to spare you from reading monster too much, I will stick to animals.

I disapproved of, for a long time, the suicide bombings inside Palestine occuipied by the zionist entity referred to herein as “israel”. I still do, in my opinion, it did not actually grant Palestinians any victory. Remotely detonated weapons are far superior and it would be best if they targeted the military state terror apparatus. But this is the mainstay of certain Palestinian factions — I don’t like them, but this is the truth. They do have a GOAL that benefits them however, so I will not call them animalistic. They are simply not strategic thinkers.

But now… the Arabs, blowing themselves up inside Syria, in its capital. The only country that is holding back the west from forever conquering the entire middle east under the “New Middle East” plan? They are willing to blow themselves up in order to HURT themselves in the future. The Qatari are willing to sit idly while their Emir spends their future away to destroy a country that calls itself their sister? Jordanians and Saudis have killed themselves to destroy Syria, for money? No, it cannot be for money if they’re willing to blow themselves up. It’s just pure hatred for Syria, the land, the country, the people. They always treated us like dirt when we were in their countries. That’s fine, we can ignore them, despite opening the door for them to study for free in our country. But that’s not enough for them, they must be rid of us forever.

The Arab sees a fruitful tree and must pick up a stone to destroy it, as their nature calls for it. The Arab animalistic terrorist however, has to blow themselves up with the tree. This isn’t just the case for these bombings in Syria. You must understand that we’re on the edge of total war, World War III so to speak. I will write about this soon, but please take my word for it until then. The Arabs are putting not only their filthy terrorist’s lives on the line but their entire nations. Their countries will be in the firing line if they leave no other solution for our axis. They don’t seem to be sensing this at all, they see every diplomatic move by Syria as an opportunity to raise the ceiling on the available provocations.

But are the Arabs playing Syria on their own? Or are they the ones being played? The answer to this question can be found in:

Oded Yinon’s “A Strategy for Israel in the Nineteen Eighties”

Israel's dream resurrected as the "new middle east" in 2006

After their attempt to take down Syria in 1982 using their Arab slaves and the “Muslim Brotherhood” (controlled by British intelligence) failed the israelis had to look for a broader strategy to be pulled off over a longer period of time. Before the year even ended, the israelis drew up plans to divide the Arabs in a manner that allows them to exert covert control over them and eventually dominate the entire area. You can read more about it in this excellent article — but I will summarise the important points for this article. The attacks begun in 1990 with the attack against Iraq during and after Desert Storm. In that time, Saddam had fell into the trap into thinking he was not indispensable by his controllers. Iraq’s army was one of israel’s main fears. It was large and well armed and Saddam himself, while under control of the Americans who put him in power, was very much against israel.

The Arabs then pretended that Saddam was coming for them all, all over a dispute with Kuwait who was stealing Iraq’s oil. The Arabs joined a war launched by America and Kuwait based on a lie. Syria, who had a bone to pick with Saddam over his support of the “Muslim Brotherhood” bombings, also sent a force to help remove Iraqi soldiers from Kuwait, but never went any further and reportedly never fired even at other Iraqis (in fact it facilitated many of their survival but we’ll leave that story for another day) to the degree that the British requested that Syrian troops get cordoned off. The Arabs though, they started bombing the Iraqi army, they went further than desert storm. The Arabs took part of almost all but the last of the US missions to destroy Iraq. They boasted about the size of each bomb they dropped over Iraq, they were very proud of the destruction they were instilling on their fellow Arabs.

They also took part in the sanctions that turned a rich country (Iraq) to one of the poorest in the world. All while talking about religion and dancing with night-walkers in foreign lands. For more than a decade Iraq was being bombed and sanctioned, in the mean time Syria allowed Iraqis to smuggle food in and out, selling their produce and oil, getting some currency into the country.

After Bill Clinton launched another campaign to starve Iraq out a little bit more and take out their air defense systems, the israelis kicked the next phase of their plan: Operation Shekinah. You may know it by another name, “Shock and Awe”. All they needed was a justification. How convenient that 9/11 kicked the westerners (of whom the majority are equally animalistic as the Arabs) into an endless self-righteous phase of bloodlust.

After the USAF deployed a neutron bomb over Baghdad airport, they may have taken down their former puppet but the Iraqi resistance lived on. They ignored them, saying “bring it on” and they did, but threatened Syria anyway even though we would not kneel. Instead, we opted to support the resistance! Despite the Arab/Saudi/Qatari constant interference using takfiri elements who were creating sectarian conflicts, and despite Negroponte’s death squads, the resistance came out ahead in the end and forced the Americans into their bases to cut their massive (under-reported) losses.

After other battles (such as the Lebanese-israeli war in 2006) supported by Arabs failed to generate the necessary conditions for the new middle east plans, as the war destroyed the sectarianism they were building up in Iraq. That’s when the israelis and their Arab dogs realised that the war can only be won by taking the battle to Syria.

But you cannot fight Syria directly. The Turks know this, despite their ridiculously over the top brinkmanship (which almost became an apocalyptic battle). The Americans know this, which is why they hatched the plan. The israelis certainly know this, because they’re in Syria’s direct line of fire. But the Arab animals, didn’t know this. They kept carrying out their israeli master’s orders via Jeffery Feltman. They kept sending out their money, kept sending Arab terrorist dogs, kept sending arms and now started sending their signature suicide bombers. They saw every diplomatic exit Syria opened for them as some kind of weakness and kept listening to their masters.

As I’ve implied, our archnemesis israel and their western allies are the architects of this crisis, why would peace be possible with them but not the Arabs? I’ve already answered the question in the previous paragraph: because they know when to stop, as a direct conflict with Syria means mutual destruction. The Arabs don’t know this — they don’t know our capabilities, they don’t know our possible reaction and they do not know our limits. The reason is, in contrast to the scheming devilish israelis, the Arabs are STUPID. They haven’t realised yet that even months ago, they had already sealed their fate when they ignored President Assad’s widely publicised earthquake warning. Since then, Syria, not just yours truly, has realised that there can be no peaceful co-existence with these animalistic scum.

As long as the conflict is contained inside Syria, the Arabs will not stop. They won’t stop their bombings, they won’t stop the media war, they won’t stop their terrorism or fake activists. They’ve only left us a single solution: war, thus by definition, peace is impossible with the Arabs. A regional war it shall be, reducing the Arabs to a state that is as harmless as an animal in a zoo to the guests. That means: no more cities, no more money, no more oil&gas production capacity. This is the existence that was intended for them, a camel, an oasis, fish and some sheep. You put money (power) into their hands and they will only create trouble for those they are pointed at.

Once the Arabs are removed from israel’s hands, we will begin to suffocate it. Life is going to be VERY hard for israel when it cannot use Arab energy to fuel its machines of war. When there are no Arab states to trade with in a clandestine fashion. When there are no Arabs states propping up the petrodollar that keeps it alive. Syria already knows that a direct war with israel is not in its interest, it will quickly become the battle of Armageddon due to weapons of mass destruction. But we can use their same strategies of attacking them indirectly. Funding and arming the resistance against them. Isolating them economically and so on, until they give up their zionism and become a regular state where the right of return is granted to Palestinians and migration is not based on one’s religion. Where the Golan heights is returned to Syria, the Shebba farms are returned to Lebanon, Sinai is under Egypt’s control without condition and the region will remain stable under the spectre of mutually assured destruction. Something the Arabs have no understanding of.

We will win, not through direct war, nor through worthless negotiations, but through a game of geopolitical chess that will suffocate our nemesis as they tried to suffocate us.

In conclusion and to rub salt in the wound, I will translate an Arabic proverb into English: Better a scheming enemy than a stupid friend. If you think I’m wrong, then go pray that God forgives me, but if you read some truth into this, consider how far the Arabs have to go before they show some semblance of a human being. Before being stupid and calling me an israeli apologist, note that in all my tweets and in all my posts, I’ve never capitalised the word ‘israel’. Can the fake activists passing my tweets around without context (this article) say the same? I didn’t think so.

The Washington Post is sometimes known as the pentagon’s gazette and with good reason. They’ve managed to turn … basically, the worst human beings on Earth, into some kind of heroes. Organ traffickers and harvesters. Honestly, these people make jack the ripper seem like an angel. Unfortunately, we caught some in Syria, along with many bodies of their victims [And I warn you this is extremely graphic]:

(Unfortunately only in Arabic, but displays the story of the organ traffickers in Homs, Syria)

Here is a video of where they stored some of the “spent” bodies [Again, graphic]:

You never get to hear this on the western sewer stream media of course. They’re too busy talking about non-existent fantasies like the “Free Syrian Army” and what not. Pentagon’s gazette takes the pick though, for being the most vile of them all. They’ve taken this story of organ traffickers and turned them into angels. In an article titled “Activists accuse Syria regime of intensifying crackdown on doctors treating wounded protesters”, a grand tale of beautiful doctors healing poor innocent protesters is presented to us. Naturally, there’s only so much a Syrian can take. Here are my comments to them:

Most people only read the title of an article and skim the content. They trust the editor to pick a title that best reflects that content. Naturally, I’m not one of those people, especially being a Syrian concerned about his country. But this article has so many problems that my comment will focus on the title alone.

“Activists accuse Syria regime of intensifying crackdown on doctors treating wounded protesters”.

Not a single word of this title conveys the truth.

Activist: These people are not activists, but terrorists living abroad, warmongering against a nation that the west wishes to destroy. They are essentially EXILES.

Accuse: They have no standing to accuse a sovereign nation of anything. They are simply spreading RUMOURS.

Syria regime: Of course, the west loves to use the word “regime” when targeting a state that is against it. The correct neutral word of course, is GOVERNMENT.

Intensifying crackdown on doctors: There was no crackdown on doctors to begin with, a complete fabrication. What has happened is quite disgusting: several non-Arabic speaking mercenaries surgeons were captured alongside terrorists operating in Homs. These mercenary doctors specialised in organ harvesting, as proven by video taken of them operating in a body (of a person presumed to be under sedation but still alive — until of course the organs are removed).

Treating wounded protesters: Here is the other problem, while these mercenaries did indeed set up field hospitals for terrorists who are wounded while they killed Syrian civilians and the army/security attempted to stop them, they also served another purpose. You see, these same terrorists kidnapped many people in Homs. We found a warehouse with 30 bodies inside, many with missing organs. Yes, the terrorists and the mercenaries worked hand-in-hand, kidnapping the innocent people of Homs and transferring their organs to the world market, leaving their parents with a body to bury.

I have not a single unconfirmed fact above, everything can be backed up — and will be brought up when the time suits it, by our government.

What I’m left to do for the associated press and Washington post, is suggest a better title. You can fix the content up yourselves (you cannot afford my services you see):

Exiles spread rumours about the Syrian government who has captured mercenary surgeons harvesting organs and treating wounded terrorists.

It is my request that you change your title to reflect reality by using mine. Though I have no illusions about your compliance with this request, it’s worth a shot. Isn’t it?

Original article and comment

Do note that they make the usual mention of “army defectors” to cover for the tens of thousands of terrorists (many non-Syrian) we have caught and the remainder we are cleaning up. This is the standard of media in the west, a sorry joke in front of the world.


Addounia has covered this story, now with English captions for wider reach: